Automotive Body and Repair 2

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27Long Small Size Awls, Hooks And Picks / Soft Grip, 4 PcsSGLASA204GSnap On
28Locking Pliers Set, 4 PcsLP404Snap On
29Combination File Set, 4 PcsSGHBF500ASnap On
30Striking Scraper Set, 3 PcsPKNC300Snap On
31Tap And Die Set, Metric ThreadsTDM99117Snap On
32Tap And Die Set, Metric Threads, AccessoriesTDM99117BSnap On
33Air Impact Wrench, Heavy Duty, Standard Anvil, 3/8″ DriveMG325Snap On
34Air Impact Wrench, Heavy Duty, Standard Anvil, 1/2″ DriveMG3255Snap On
35Locking U-ClampVGP12509Blue Point
36Locking Clamp / Sheet MetalVGP12808Blue Point
37Locking Pliers / PlugweldVGP13709Blue Point
38Locking C-Clamp / Swivel TipVGP22418Blue Point
39Long Chasis Service Jacks, Hydraulic, Cap. 10 TonYA660CSnap On
40Hybrid Battery Lift, Capacity 350 LbYA785Snap On
41Battery Service Kit Set, 5 Pcs2005BSKASnap On
42High – Output LED FlashlightsECF925CRSnap On
43High – Output LED FlashlightsECF985RSnap On
44High – Output Rechargeable Shop Light, BlueECFBP6Snap On
45Standard CreepersJCW60RSnap On
46Pick – Up Tool, Lifts 2 lbPT28ESnap On
47Magnetic Pick-Up Tool, FlexibleUPT2FLBlue Point
48Lighted Inspection MirrorUIM2LTSnap On
49Body Tool Set2007BFBBlue Point
50Rivet ToolHP2Blue Point
51Upholstery And Trim Tools Set, 5 PcsUTS105ABlue Point
52Soft-Grip Trim Pad Tool Set, 3 PcsASG103BRSnap On
53Air Impact Wrench, Super Duty, Magnesium 3/8″ Drive, 325 Ft. Lb Maximal TorqueMG325Snap On
54Air Impact Wrench, Super Duty, Magnesium, 1/2″ Drive, 810 Ft. Lb Maximal TorqueMG725Snap On
55Air Impact Wrench, Super Duty, Magnesium, 3/4″ Drive, 1250 Ft. Lb Maximal TorqueMG1250Snap On

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